Welcome to Edmonton Startup Week 2019! We’re excited to celebrate our city’s startup and tech community with you. Thank you for building a schedule, inviting your friends, and helping us bring even more people together over shared passions. 
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Sean Feehan

Director of Product Development and Business Intelligence
I have been building and growing the technical team at Drivewyze for almost 5 years now. In my previous lives I was a software consultant creating custom applications and a mid-level government technical manager. I've graduated from the U of A twice, once with a B.Sc. in Computing Science and once with an MBA.
I've learned a lot from my experiences, mostly the hard way.
1. Ask me about building teams, culture, and driving success without being a jerk.
2. Ask me about technology, roadmaps, or planning architecture for business pivots.
3. Ask me about the differences between working for government and working for a startup.
4. Ask me about growth and scaling issues.